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Selected Music

"Arabesque", Claude Debussy

"Peace Pipe", Ernest Wilkins


Make a Home with Music

    It is clear that the future of our world depends upon the care we take in raising our children. The importance of musical activities in the lives of children, especially in terms of their cognitive and emotional development, as well as their contact with the adult world, is now being emphasized by  child development specialists.
    Children take to music naturally. Musical activities provide children with important experiences which can help them develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills. They gain experience in self-paced learning, mental concentration and a heightened pride in self.
    Adults who want to study piano do so because they sincerely want to make music.  An adult’s concentration and capacity for analytic thinking improves the capacity to learn.  There is no reason why learning to play piano should be restricted to childhood!.  An eighty-year-old, for example can learn at about the same rate as a twelve-year-old. It is never too late to learn something new.  And it’s great to keep the fingers limber!


    Pianists can play music from the very first lesson, because unlike other instruments, there are fewer problems with finding the correct pitch. My students get a varied musical education, including music theory, and introductions to classical, jazz and show styles. I use pieces which have familiar tunes and some which do not. The reasoning for this is two-fold.  Students can tell when they are not playing the correct notes if they know the melody, but they need to concentrate in a different way to explore an unfamiliar piece.  As well as learning to hone their skills in reading music they learn correct posture and finger technique.

    Practice is expected between lessons, and a keyboard, electric piano or acoustic piano is needed at home for this purpose. When a piano or keyboard is purchased for the family, a tradition is established. Not only does it add beauty to your home, but it will bring together all generations, young or old.  It is an investment in the future.

   Everyone sings.  Some better than others.  The great joy one has in using one’s voice in melody is universal. We sing alone, or together.  We sing when we are happy, and when we are down.
    Singing lessons assist a person to use their voices in a healthy way to produce the optimum tone. I offer stress-free vocal training for beginners through advanced singers, ages 15 and up.  I believe in waiting until a youth has reached their growth before working on technique. Youngsters who study voice before this age do so at the detriment of their vocal cords.
    All of my students are encouraged to sing in a choir or chorus.  The more one sings, the stronger their voice becomes.
    The private lessons involve learning to breathe correctly, having good diction, singing in tune, reading music (or improving one’s skills), learning good habits to keep throats healthy, and to strengthen volume. Assistance is also offered in learning music which is being sung elsewhere, in a chorus or choir.
    Young singers learn to find their own voice and not one which they imitate from recordings of pop stars.  Repertoire used for teaching all voice students includes classical, show tunes and popular melodies in the proper range (high or low). All instruction is based on the philosophy and tradition of bel canto (beautiful singing).
    I coach professionals preparing for roles in musical comedy productions or operetta.  I also help singers prepare for auditions for theater or college entrance. This includes advice on proper musical interpretation, correct pronunciation of foreign languages and choice of repertoire.
    Students receive materials to use at home to practice.  These include MP3 attachments to emails (recordings of their songs) and printed music.


Lesley College: MSM in Arts Administration
Europe - vocal coaching with Hermes Le Marc'hadour, impresario
New England Conservatory of Music: MM  in Voice, Choral Conducting
Syracuse University:  AB in Voice Performance
Longy School of Music : Diploma in Voice, Theory, Piano
Yale Institute of Sacred Music: continuing education, various symposiums
American Guild of Organists: continuing education, various symposiums
Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network: continuing education, various symposiums

            PIANO  with Rowland Sturges (Longy), George Mulfinger (Syracuse)
            ORGAN with Robert Humphreville, Carolyn Curtis, Thomas Bunting, American Guild of Organists Workshops
            CHORAL CONDUCTING with Lorna Cooke deVaron;  Tamara Brooks (New England Conservatory)

• Solo Recitals:  New England, New York, Europe; winner of many MA Arts Council awards; soloist with choruses in France and U.S.
• Teacher, coach: piano and voice - private studio, all ages (students have gone on to professional careers in music)
• Music Director,
-student productions, Cohasset (grs. 4-12); Vocal Music Director, NorthMiddlesex Regional School, taught general music, (7th & 8th grade) & choruses jr./sr. high school (Townsend, MA)
-Founder and Director, Chorale d'Enfants (Thonon-les-Bains, France)
-Rehearsal Conductor, Cappella Cantorum, CT
Church Music Director,  South Shore of Boston area; 
- formerly Music Director of Harbor United Methodist Church, Scituate MA and First Parish Old Ship Church, Hingham, MA
- substitute organist/choir director: various churches, South Shore of Boston
• CURRENT: Music Director,Linden Ponds Retirement Community Chapel Chorale, Hingham MA
•  MEMBER Boston  Chapter of the American Guild of Organists; Southeastern Mass. Chapter of the AGO; Unitarian Universalists Musicians Network